Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Its that time again. Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  To ensure you get your custom made table pads before Thanksgiving, you need to order ASAP.  The cut off is 10/20/16.  Any orders after the 20th will require extra rush shipping.  

What size and shaped table do you have?  If your table is square cornered, round, or has chopped corners, rounded corners etc., we will not require a pattern for those. --- You can confirm your sizes (make sure to measure just the top flat portion of the table. No side moldings or beveled edges if your table has them, as we can only make the pads flat) - pick out the colors you want for the top and the bottom of the pads, then you can call in your order or you can just order on our secure online order form at

If it is full patterned -- oval (make sure you check the shape of the table with no leaves, a lot of customers think they have a oval table, but indeed it is round with out any leaves and the leaves are what is making it the oval shape) scalloped, bowed ended or has bowed sides etc, we will need a pattern, but we might have the pattern already.

We have a ton of table pad patterns on file. If you can give me the make and model number off your table, I can check to see if we have it in our database. Your model number is usually located on the underside of the table top. Let me know, as it might save you time and money and then we will not need for you to trace the pattern. If you can not find a make and model number, let me know and I can send you out a free pattern kit in the mail so you can trace your table.

Email me or call me and let me know what shape and also what the make and model number is off your table and we can go from there.

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